Tailored Community Engagement

Clients: City of North Vancouver & Edible Garden Project

As a yearly event designed to gather diverse citizen input for developing the City of North Vancouver’s Food Charter for the North Shore, Table Matters was an ideal fit for the kind of work we like to do. We were asked to attract as diverse a contingent as possible from different communities so the Food Charter could be as representative as possible of the residents it would eventually serve and respond to the needs of the municipal government, non profit agencies, and Vancouver Coastal Health.

How did we do this?

We transformed the Atrium of The City of North Vancouver’s City Hall into a giant 150 person picnic (w/checkered table cloths to match), Barbara Adler (of the local musical act: Proud Animal) performed crowd-sourced songs (from the event’s facebook page) about attendees personal reflections on food, utilized lighting and decoration to give the space a warm and cozy feel, we focused on storytelling rather than presentations, and activated each round table with a facilitator that would moderate the discussion in order to spark input into the Food Charter.

Event Promo

Table Matters: An Evening of Dialogue & Dinner
Where: North Van City Hall, 141 West 14th Street
When: 530PM-930PM

“Food touches every aspect of our lives, from daily meals with our families to trips to the grocery store or community garden in our neighbourhoods and beyond. All of these experiences with food are influenced by policies at all levels (though how is not always visible). We all have values around food that we hold dear. This is your opportunity to share those values, and make sure they are heard by our local governments.

We are hosting an evening of food (of course!) music, and conversation to hear about what matters to you about food.

Song(s) tailor-made for this event Performed By: Barbara Adler and Gavin Youngash of Proud Animal

Your input will be used to craft a document, a food charter, that will be brought to North Shore municipalities. Municipalities refer to ‘food charters’ as guiding documents to help guide policy and decisions by keeping food issues important to the community a part of any decision making process. This is your chance share what is important to you.